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06.10.11 - 06.12.11


Welcome to the South West Regional Qualifier. Registration opens at 7:30 AM on Friday morning and will run until 10:00 AM. Please get to the venue early enough to sign in, get situated and warmed up in time for your heat. We will have an event briefing at 10:00 AM, where we will go over the standards for the first event. We will do this prior to the start of every event. There is a very large area for Tent City. All tents will need to go in that area, we are not allowed to have any tents out in the parking lot. The venue will have 24 hour security, so once you set your area up, you will be able to leave it up for the entire weekend. There is a concession stand in the stadium. Athletes will be able to bring in food in coolers, but we are not allowed to have any grills on the property. Travel safe.
Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado

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