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Zeph LittletonSouth Central
Rockport, Texas
Best Lifts
335 lbs
265 lbs
225 lbs
435 lbs
Best Times
5' 10"
190 lbs
Open Finish
Regionals Finish

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I started CrossFit in Bagdad Iraq back in 2008. I come from an athletic background playing football,baseball, soccer and track in high school. I have a wife named Ashley and a 2 year old daughter named Teighlor. Ashley and I are waiting for our little baby boy to be born in September. I am very proud to represent CrossFitXLR8 and Texas in the 2011 games.

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master r

Athlete profiles really help us to know about them and all that they have been doing to reach thus far in their sports career!! This profile of Zeph Littleton who is competing in the CrossFit in the weight lifting category sure looks to be a real winner!! With those stats I am sure that we can expect him to be one of the probable’s to do well!! I have read that he had some injury issues and he had undergone some ultrasound scan(ie33 ).Hope he gets fine soon. It will be exciting to watch out for these athletes when you know what their records are and what they are capable of!!

Posted at 7:36 PM PDT on October 23, 2011

Going to be a fun year of training together for the "Big Show" in 2012!

Posted at 1:20 PM PDT on August 2, 2011
Lynn C

Show 'em what your made of. Looking good., be strong, kick A**!

Posted at 12:48 PM PDT on July 29, 2011
Vicki T

Go Zeph!! WILL power!!! Rootin' for ya back in Texas!!

Posted at 8:38 AM PDT on July 29, 2011
Airrosti C

Wow Man, that's AWESOME! Congrats!!! We at Airrosti wish you good luck the rest of the way...

Posted at 8:08 AM PDT on March 31, 2011

Must be the Product ;) LOL - Seriously though - I was so glad I got to see you kill this WOD! Great Job :)

Posted at 11:28 AM PDT on March 24, 2011


Posted at 6:04 PM PDT on March 21, 2011

Great Job Zeph, I'll be praying for you! I wish I could have been there to see it!

Posted at 10:42 AM PDT on March 19, 2011

woot, great job Zeph!

Posted at 11:17 AM PDT on March 18, 2011

What a stud!

Posted at 9:27 AM PDT on March 18, 2011