North East Regional Day 3 Recap

By CrossFit on 06.19.11

The pace of the competition moved up a notch as all divisions took on the final event of the weekend: The Chipper. Six different stations, six different opportunities for athletes to capitalize on their strengths or to be taken down by their weaknesses. The sun was out for the clearest weather all weekend and the heat was definitely on for Day 3 of the 2011 North East Regional.


Team Workout 6: The Chipper

In the team competition, sequential progression through the stations means that any particular team member’s weakness could hold the entire team back – but on the flip side, time lost there could be made up with the right team order strategy, speedier team members able to get the team ahead or make up time lost.

In the first heat, Albany CrossFit was first to the toes to bar, a sticking point for many taking on the chipper today. Passing up Albany, CrossFit Shoreline got the first athlete of the heat to the overhead lunges and proceeded to register the first athlete completing all six movements. However, with four different athletes working simultaneously, very little guarantees the team with the first athlete to finish a win overall. Albany, CrossFit Relentless, and CrossFit Providence made sure that was proven in Heat 1.

For the second heat, the chipper was as intense as competition gets with the 3rd spot to the Games in a close race between CrossFit Southie and CrossFit Fenway, as they were tied for 3rd coming into this event. And CrossFit Route 1 needed to overcome a huge deficit from Event 4’s 9th place finish.

Route 1 was first to take a significant lead heading to the dumbbells first and getting nine reps in before anyone else. The two 3rd place contenders, Fenway and Southie, both headed to the bar first, followed by New England and Route 1.  But in New England fashion, CrossFit New England was the first to send its first athlete across the finish line, as well as the first to have a second athlete finish. New England continued with a runaway 1st place finish, completing their sweep of the six events of the weekend. 

Running close behind him to protect a 2nd place overall finish and a ticket to the Games was CrossFit Route 1.

Regional Workout 6 Standings
1) CrossFit New England – 15:19
2) CrossFit Fenway – 16:28
3) CrossFit Route 1


Individual Workout 6: The Chipper

Three women took on individual heat 1, Kylee Claxton first to cross the finish line – with a somersault for the fans.

In the women’s second heat, Jenny Davis and Stacey Kroon made it through first to the dumbbells, then Jenny was first to the bar and through to the walking lunges with Stacey not far behind. The top three finishers, Jenny, Stacy, and Kelly Steadman, were just seconds apart. 

As Brianne Jackolski pushed hard to make it through her toes-to-bar, all of the top five women gathered around her for the last four minutes of the heat. Grip failing and multiple “no reps” called, like a true CrossFit champion, Brianne continued moving all the way to the last tick of the clock.

Regional Workout 6 Standings
1) Jenny Davis – 13:04
2) Stacey Kroon – 13:41
3) Kelly Steadman – 14:00


Individual Workout 6: The Chipper

In the men’s first heat, Chad Wittman and Daniel Goldberg finished with about 15 seconds between them. 

Mike McKenna was first to the overhead lunges, losing precious seconds when he picked up the plate from the wrong lane and had to exchange it for the correct one. But his lead was large enough that he was still able to cross the finish line well ahead of his competition. 

Daniel Tyminski and Jason Schroeder were off to the races with the overhead lunges and Jason’s longer stride proved a formidable weapon in pushing him ahead of Daniel. As Rob Orlando picked up the final 45-pound plate of the heat, David Charbonneau put his down and sprinted out for a fifth place finish in the heat.

In the stands during the awards ceremony as the men were presented with their medals, Daniel Tyminski’s dad expressed to another spectator, “Best Father’s Day ever.”

Regional Workout 6 Standings
1) Mike McKenna – 8:58
2) Austin Malleolo – 9:17
3) Jason Schroeder – 10:32

2011 Reebok CrossFit Games Qualifiers

1) CrossFit New England – 6 points
2) CrossFit Route 1 – 25 points
3) CrossFit Fenway – 27 points

1) Kelly Steadman – 21 points
2) Stacey Kroon – 25 points
3) Jenny Davis – 26 points

1) Austin Malleolo – 13 points
2) Daniel Tyminiski – 20 points
3) Rob Orlando – 37 points

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