North East Regional Day 3 Midday Report

By CrossFit on 06.19.11

A beautiful Father’s Day in New England dawns on the final day of the North East Regional. The leaders in each division are fairly established with a minimum of a five-point spread between 1st and 2nd in all divisions. The battle of the morning would be for positions two and three for a ticket to the Games. There would be no shortage of effort expended.


Team Workout 5: Team “Amanda”

CrossFit Relentless rapidly took the lead in Heat 1 and never looked back. They were the only team to get near completing all of Team “Amanda” in the first heat, and successfully wedged themselves into the top three for the event. 

Heat 2 was a grind-out between CrossFit New England and CrossFit Route 1, 1st and 4th coming into the day, respectively. The lead changed hands several times with the biggest difference being the men’s proficiency on the snatches and the women’s muscle ups. The fight came down to the final five snatches as the women went rep-for-rep through the last set. Alicia Gomes was unable to stand under her fourth attempt, forcing a redo and opening a very narrow margin for New England, who took first place by only two seconds.

Regional Workout 5 Standings
1) CrossFit New England – 13:51
2) CrossFit Route 1 – 13:53
3) CrossFit Relentless – 20:03


Individual Workout 5: “Amanda”

Lauren Plumey was the star of the first women’s individual heat, but it was certainly no cakewalk for her, as she was unable to complete all reps before the cap. With her first nine muscle ups consuming more than eight minutes and her first snatch attempt a “no-rep,” she worked through the rest of her muscle ups with every ounce of strength in her body.

Heat 2 was a tumultuous, crowd-pleasing exchange of the lead among three of the top women, the most surprising of whom was Jennifer Hunter-Marshall, of CrossFit Garden City, who surprisingly took an early lead just past the two-minute mark. 

That lead wouldn’t last long though. Mel Ockerby literally snatched it away from Jennifer and made it back to the rings first. As Jennifer worked to regain the lead, Stacey Kroon eclipsed Mel by the end of the second round of muscle ups. The lead would change hands several times among the three women, until Mel made a big move, belting out the five snatches, just two seconds before Stacey. Jennifer ended up finishing her snatches just 14 seconds later.

Regional Workout 5 Standings
1) Mel Ockerby – 11:28
2) Stacey Kroon – 11:30
3) Jennifer Hunter-Marshall – 11:42


Individual Workout 5: “Amanda”

In Heat 1, Brian Costello took an early lead in men’s individual competition, making it to the rings for his attempt at the second round of muscle ups just 1:54 in, 15 seconds ahead of Eric Magee. At 3:20, Eric jumped into lead over Costello.

Eric headed back to rings for the last set of muscle ups, widening his lead and held onto it through the snatches, finishing in 6:28. Tim Carroll, in 2nd finished nearly a minute behind Eric. 

Dan Collins, first in the line-up for the heat, struggled with his muscle ups taking 3:51 to complete the first nine. He was one of the last men working and the crowd rallied behind Tim as he raced the clock to complete his final muscle ups and snatches, overcoming two “no rep” snatches to finish just seconds under the cap.

Heat 2 demonstrated the best of CrossFit – power, speed, passion, style, and “it’s never over ‘til it’s over” attitude. Four athletes completed nine muscle ups in less than 50 seconds. Austin Malleolo and Mike McKenna were first back to the rings for the set of seven, with McKenna taking the lead through the snatches. Daniel Tyminski jumped into the mix from behind and stole the lead going into the last round of snatches, getting three of them before Austin and Mike were back to their snatches. Daniel locked up the 1st place finish in 4:25. 

Struggling with his muscle ups throughout the entire heat was Jason Schroeder. He got a strong showing of support from fellow athletes and established himself an athlete with style. Austin gave him a drink of water, while Jason signed, “I love you” to someone in the crowd. At 13 minutes in, Jason ran to the fence to grab a kiss before going back to the rings to make a final attempt at the muscle ups. Rob Orlando, Dave Lipson and Mike gathered around Jason to support his final attempts before the 15 minutes finally ran out. 

Regional Workout 5 Standings
1) Daniel Tyminski – 4:25
2) Austin Malleolo – 5:02
3) Mike McKenna – 5:20

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