North East Regional Day 2 Recap

By CrossFit on 06.18.11

By 11 a.m. on Day 2, the cloud cover over the morning events had cleared up and the sun was out in full force at the 2011 North East Regional. After Event 1, the duration of the competition rose with the temperature. Competition was definitely heating up. With very strict movement standards, the second event of the day would pose a challenge to all to use their energy efficiently and not lose reps unnecessarily on substandard movements. 

Many athletes departed from the straight-arm swing in favor of what appeared more akin to a flexed-arm two-hand snatch with the bell. Kettlebell swings and overhead squats proved challenging for many. Several athletes were repeatedly called on no-reps for misalignment at full extension or incomplete range of motion.


Team Workout 4: The 250s

Heat 1 saw CrossFit 321 first to the kettlebell swings, Morristown just under a minute behind. But 24 minutes in, the story was different as CrossFit Center Mass was first to hit the overhead squats. CrossFit South Shore had severe challenges with kettlebell swings with many consecutive “no rep” calls separating successful reps. None of the teams in this heat finished under the 30-minute cap, but in CrossFit, every rep counts.

Shoreline CrossFit was first to head to the kettlebells in the second heat with CrossFit Milford following. Shoreline would go on to the double-unders just beyond the 13-minute mark and put together a masterful combination of consecutive jumps to move them to the overhead squats before the clock hit 17:00. CrossFit Providence was the next team getting to double-unders just a few seconds before Shoreline finished theirs. At 28 minutes, Shoreline had secured the first place finish for the second heat. Five minutes later, three teams were still working on their overhead squats. Reebok CrossFit One closed up their bid at 34:59.

The remaining teams were split into two separate heats due to space requirements. Five teams made up the third heat and it was a tight race. CrossFit Hingham made the move to double-unders at 19:38 with CrossFit The Rock literally seconds behind. At 23:12, Hingham moved to overhead squats with Off The Grid CrossFit hot on their trail. A few other teams moved to their overhead squats with only a few second spread among them. Hingham would retain open up their lead to nearly a minute over Off The Grid, who finished 2nd. 

CrossFit New England dominated the fourth heat of the 250s, first to each movement and widening the gap with each completion. Sonia Cormier, of New England was an overhead squatting machine. CrossFit Route 1, in the 3rd position going into the heat, finished unexpectedly far back in the pack . 

Regional Workout 4 Standings
1) CrossFit New England – 24:39
2) CrossFit Southie – 27:19
3) Shoreline CrossFit LLC – 28:00

Overall Day 2 Standings
1) CrossFit New England – 4 points
2) CrossFit Southie – 16 points
3) CrossFit Fenway – 19 points


Individual Workout 4: The 100s

Many of the crowd went searching for shade and hydration after their teams’ heat was finished. The duration of the event was taking its toll on athletes and spectators alike. No doubt, the individual competitions would be a fight of will and endurance.

In Heat 1, Kaleena Ladeairous was first to the overhead squats in just more than 15 minutes. She finished the heat first in 22:07. 

Lauren Plumey made her move to overhead squats in Heat 2 at 12:30 and, like Kaleena in Heat 1, maintained the lead to take the top spot in the heat.

Kelly Steadman was first to the kettlebell swings in the third heat at 4:07 followed closely by Mel Ockerby, Stacey Kroon, and Jenny Davis. Kelly and Jenny made the move to the overhead squats ahead of the pack. As Kelly locked up her bid for 1st place at 20:45, Kroon and Davis were separated by only a few reps, until Stacey pulled away, clinching the 2nd place finish by more than a minute over Jenny.

Regional Workout 4 Standings
1) Kelly Steadman – 20:45
2) Stacey Kroon – 21:29
3) Lauren Plumey – 21:30

Overall Day 2 Standings
1) Kelly Steadman – 13 points
2) Jenny Davis, Stacey Kroon – 21 points


Individual Workout 4: The 100s

Daniel Goldberg was the first in Heat 1 of the second men’s individual event to move to the overhead squats at 13:44. He kept the pace and finished 1st ahead of Ray Traitz.

In Heat 2, Dave Lipson moved first to overhead squats at 13:22, followed closely by Dan Collins and Daniel Romano, racing to the finish. While some spectators angrily contested the depth of Dave’s overhead squats, by rep 55, Daniel and Dan were giving Dave a run for his money. At rep 80, they had passed him and were tied for the lead rep-for-rep through 90. Daniel Romano managed to eke out the victory by a tiny margin. 

The stage was set for the final heat of the day. Heat 3 provided the folks in the stands with a suitable reward to a grueling day out in the sun. The top seeds in the men’s division were expected to put on a performance. And once again, they came through … big.  As expected, Austin Malleolo took off like a shot, but this time he wasn’t alone. Daniel Tyminski was right there with him blasting through 100 pull ups inside of 3:20. The two were rep-for-rep at 50 kettlebell swings, but Austin pulled away slightly, picking up his jump rope at the 9:42 mark with Daniel 36 seconds behind. Austin’s 100 double-unders in 96 seconds put him at the barbell at 11:18, with Daniel still trailing. However, it was far from over. Daniel turned on the jets and somehow made up the 36-second difference during the overhead squats! 

When the counts were checked at 14:49, Austin and Daniel were neck-and-neck again with 42 reps, but Daniel edged ahead in the next couple minutes. Austin was three reps behind at 17 minutes in. With both barbells simultaneously on the ground at 90 reps, the crowd went into a frenzy as the announcer screamed, “PICK UP THE BAR!!!” Two breaths later, the two were at it again. Austin starting out slightly ahead, but between reps 97 and 98, Austin pitched slightly forward and had to stabilize for a second, giving Daniel, who had found his rhythm, just the opening he needed to make his move. The race to the finish was decided and Daniel had prevailed. 

Jason Schroeder, the unexpected 4th place contender, steadily plowed through his overheads, and then immediately moved to Rob Orlando’s side as Rob struggled to make up reps. Time was closing in on the cap. As the announcer belted out the 1-minute warning, Schroeder prodded Orlando more vehemently to keep moving, but it just wasn’t enough. Rob’s struggle to finish up the last 10 reps was stifled as Rob released the barbell with three or four reps to go and collapsed in exhaustion just ahead of the timer. 

Regional Workout 4 Standings
1) Daniel Tyminski – 18:40
2) Austin Malleolo – 18:43
3) Daniel Goldberg – 20:29

Overall Day 2 Standings
1) Austin Malleolo – 9 points
2) Daniel Tyminski – 15 points
3) Rob Orlando – 20 points

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