North East Day 1 Video

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Highlights from day 1 of the North East Regional.

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Michael L

It was 275. I haven't watched the video on the thruster guidlines, but I know they are insanely strict this year. Only thing I have to say is that he does not appear to be out of control of the weight at any time. it wasn't like he took the step to keep his balance.

Posted at 11:23 AM PDT on June 18, 2011

you can see the numbers on the right, that was 275. And I agree about a foot fault, but it's too late now, it's the judges responsibility to call it. You can also see the bar travel down a bit on the clip of crossfit new englands male thruster attempt.

Posted at 9:32 AM PDT on June 18, 2011
Ben S

Rob clearly foot faults in the thruster he's finishing at 4:27 in this video. If the narration matches the lift, then Rob missed 255 on video before going on to be called out at 285.

It's right there, clear as day. Will this be addressed?

Posted at 7:07 AM PDT on June 18, 2011