North East Regional Day 1 Recap

By CrossFit on 06.17.11

Day 1 of the North East Regional provided CrossFit fans and athlete teams with nothing short of a phenomenal kick-off to what is anticipated to be a blast of a weekend. 

Weather was foreboding, but so was the competition. Spectators and athletes alike will need to rest well tonight to recover from the adrenaline rush of both of the day’s events. Though there are no doubt some athletes who are disappointed at their own results today, there were no significant issues preventing any of them from returning in the morning to stake their claim in the final elimination. Even with very pronounced leaders after Day 1, this is CrossFit, and it’s still anyone’s game.


Team Workout 2: Thruster Ladder

The excitement escalated among spectators as the time for the Thruster Ladder drew closer – an impending showdown among the top competitors from last year’s North East Regional and those who have recently come on the scene with great promise.

The team effort was split between the women and men in two separate heats, the sum of each team’s two members tallied as the team’s total. After captivating performances by both women and men team competitors, the leaders in the region were CrossFit New England, CrossFit Southie, and CrossFit Route 1, with totals of 395, 390, and 365, respectively. 

Well noted in these three, Heather Bergeron for New England, ranked 5th in the Open and opting for the team competition, thrustered 150 pounds, then didn't even attempt a heavier weight. T.J. O’Neil for Southie successfully completed a 275-pound thruster – a high-water mark on the day, and Alicia Gomes of Route 1, ranked 2nd in the region and 8th in the world in the Open finished with a 150-pound thruster. 

Regional Workout 2 Standings
1) CrossFit New England, CrossFit Fenway– 395 pounds
3) CrossFit Southie – 390 pounds

Overall Day 1 Standings
1) CrossFit New England – 2 points
2) CrossFit Southie – 7 points
3) CrossFit Route 1 – 9 points


Individual Workout 2: Thruster Ladder

Phaidra Knight is a professional rugby player. And it showed as she let her power speak for itself as she successfully completed a 165-pound thruster. Stacey Kroon and Shanon Morris were hot on her tail, completing a 160-pound thruster. Mel Ockerby, in first place after Event 1 completed a 155-pound lift.

Regional Workout 2 Standings
1) Phaidra Knight – 165 pounds
2) Stacey Kroon, Shanon Morris – 160 pounds

Overall Day 1 Standings
1) Mel Ockerby – 5 points
2) Kelly Steadman – 9 points
3) Stacey Kroon – 10 points


Individual Workout 2: Thruster Ladder

The men’s individual thruster ladder was a much anticipated showdown among the top five competitors. Most of the field was eliminated before reaching the third row of barbells. The final lineup did not end as some would have predicted.

Unexpectedly, Dave Lipson was unable to complete his clean attempt at 255, while Rob Orlando was still power cleaning at 285, though that would be his final attempt as "no lift" was called as he struggled to lock out overhead. Rob settled for 275 – a mark shared by T.J. O’Neal, heavy lifter of the affiliate team competition.

Regional Workout 2 Standings
1) Rob Orlando – 275 pounds
2) Austin Malleolo, Tim Carroll, Eric Magee, David Callahan – 255 pounds

Overall Day 1 Standings
1) Rob Orlando – 2 points
2) Austin Malleolo – 6 points
3) Tim Carroll – 7 points

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