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Patrick McCartyCentral East
Loveland,Ohio United States
Best Lifts
320 lbs
185 lbs
140 lbs
410 lbs
Best Times
5' 8"
170 lbs
Open Finish

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Musician, Web Designer by trade, CrossFitter by passion. Level 1 certified. Married to Peggy. Two kids, Chelsea (21) and Thomas (17).

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Congrats Pat! Looking forward to meeting you live!

Posted at 9:56 PM PDT on May 3, 2011

thanks all! Been a wild fun 7 weeks. Glad the stress of leaderboarding is now over. Hope to meet many of you in LA.

Posted at 11:57 AM PDT on May 2, 2011

Good stuff Patrick! See you in Cali~!

Posted at 7:09 PM PDT on May 1, 2011

Way to go, Patrick!

Posted at 6:11 PM PDT on May 1, 2011

I feel confident that it's not too early to say - Congratulations Pat! You gave one hell of a performance this season, I wish you well in LA, I'll be rooting for you!

Posted at 1:57 PM PDT on May 1, 2011

Tim - I think we may just make it! 3.5 more hours. Man, I really would rather have been locked in a 3-way tie for #1 than flirting with the bubble at 20. Robert C - yes, my fav OPT shirt.

Posted at 1:23 PM PDT on May 1, 2011

Great job there Pat!

Posted at 2:39 AM PDT on May 1, 2011

We gonna make it through tomorrow night or what?

Posted at 3:25 PM PDT on April 30, 2011

Nice job Pat. Is that an OPT shirt you're wearing?

Posted at 2:56 PM PDT on April 30, 2011

Finish strong McCarty

Posted at 7:28 PM PDT on April 23, 2011