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Gabe SubryNorthern California
Lodi,California United States
Best Lifts
360 lbs
285 lbs
240 lbs
500 lbs
Best Times
5' 9"
185 lbs
Open Finish
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i had been into fitness most of my life, always staying active with weightlifting (bodybuilding), skateboarding, soccer, snowboarding etc..but when i found crossfit it truely changed my life, it made me better at every sport i played, and it introduced me to my current sport of fitness, crossfit games. as a coach and competitor i am constantley inspired by my clients and fellow competitors on a daily basis. crossfit is truely amazing

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Great job Gabe! We'll be pulling for you guys!

Posted at 7:39 AM PDT on May 3, 2011

Way to represent the central valley! Great job, man, we're rooting for you in Merced!

Posted at 8:07 AM PDT on March 19, 2011

Nice work Gabe, good to see you're still tearing it up. Good luck the rest of the way

Posted at 3:54 AM PDT on March 19, 2011

wholly crap almost 9 rounds?! your insane, nice job!

Posted at 2:06 AM PDT on March 19, 2011

Good work sinsei! lol, back on Sunday to get a couple more reps.

Posted at 10:41 PM PDT on March 18, 2011

Nice work Gabe! Hey I'm not sure if you are doing any kind of event for these Sectionals with your gym, if not, and you want to come down to San Jose to participate in some of the events we are putting on, you are more than welcome to come. The next one will be at our gym if you want to do it together. Let me know, you can email me - Thanks!

Posted at 5:51 PM PDT on March 18, 2011