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Chase DanielsSoutheast
Palm Beach Gardens,Florida United States
Best Lifts
275 lbs
195 lbs
Best Times
5' 11"
180 lbs
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Representing team 321Apparel, my Box Hard Exercise Works and The Dirty Dirty South! In High School I ran Track, played football, Cross country, and did some power lifting. My junior year I ran the 400 meter, the 4x100 meter relay and the 4x400 meter relay. I didn't run my senior year and I was about 165 pounds heading in. I began strict weight training instead of track and within 3 months had packed on about 25 pounds. I was hooked. I was a personal trainer at a Globo gym for almost 2 years and about 3 years ago I discovered Crossfit. My first WOD was the 300 WOD from the movie 300. I...

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Jeff W

Way to go on day one Chase! Awesome performance. Dig deep - you are making us all proud back at the gym.

Jeff Wallace

Posted at 5:02 AM PDT on July 30, 2011
Carly D

So excited! Here in cali to shpw support cause you deserve it all n more

Posted at 9:48 AM PDT on July 29, 2011

Knock 'em dead Chase!! We're rootin' for ya!!!

Posted at 9:58 AM PDT on May 27, 2011

Great Job Chase!!!!!! HOPE ALL WENT WELL TODAY!!

Posted at 11:33 AM PDT on April 10, 2011

woohoo!!! ur killin' it Chase!!! p.s. - we miss u at 6pm HEW

Posted at 7:35 AM PDT on April 9, 2011

You are a machine!!!! Way to go SON!!!!

Posted at 5:36 PM PDT on April 3, 2011

Atta boy hittin' 14 rounds today Chase! Thanks for pushing me as well. We should all congregate and kick ass at a different venue each week..

Posted at 4:16 PM PDT on April 3, 2011

Stay up there Chase!!! Good job... come visit us soon! :)

Posted at 10:42 PM PDT on March 28, 2011

Awesome work!

Posted at 11:18 AM PDT on March 27, 2011

You got it this year brotha!

Posted at 9:09 AM PDT on March 19, 2011