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Ron OrtizSoutheast
Best Lifts
355 lbs
255 lbs
185 lbs
400 lbs
Best Times
6' 3"
215 lbs
Open Finish

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Fire Fighter in Deerfield Beach, FL. Father of 3. Married 20 years. Work out and partner of Hard Exercise Works, Jupiter. God is awesome!

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Ron, it was a pleasure to get to know you. Congratulations on your finish.

Posted at 8:48 AM PDT on August 2, 2011
Susan E

I am sure I speak for everyone... we are so proud of how you did this week. What an awesome accomplishment!

Posted at 6:44 PM PDT on July 31, 2011
Susan E

Way to go Ron. You are doing an awesome job!! Can't wait to see what you are capable of doing on Sunday. Unbelievable!!

Posted at 4:28 AM PDT on July 31, 2011
Jeff W

#1 after day one! Unreal performance! You are the man Ron - keep it up. Making us proud in Gardens.

Posted at 5:08 AM PDT on July 30, 2011

WooHoo!!! KiCk BuTt in CaLi RoN!!!

Posted at 6:39 PM PDT on July 25, 2011

Hey Ron, great work! I'll see you in Carson.

Posted at 8:46 PM PDT on June 8, 2011

Nice work Ron....congrats! Looking forward to meeting you in California~!

Posted at 7:05 PM PDT on May 1, 2011

Congratulations Ron!

Posted at 2:32 AM PDT on May 1, 2011

Ron, all the best at the Games.

Posted at 2:52 PM PDT on April 30, 2011

Ron, not sure if I will be doing the Swamp Monster. I think I broke a bone in my foot three weeks ago and am heading to the doctor next week. Glad there was no running in the WODs! Would like to meet some time. Maybe I will stop by HEW one day. When do you typically train.

Posted at 8:42 PM PDT on April 28, 2011