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9.20.11 Back on ESPN2Don't miss out on the next four episodes of the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games on ESPN2 airing... 0
9.20.11 Embrace Your Weaknesses: Kelly GuilloryKelly Guillory competed last year with "girls I could have given birth to," and missed her chance... 0
9.19.11 Behind the Scenes: Part 8In Part 8, the final series of three workouts is underway. Men's leader Rich Froning Jr sits in the... 0
9.18.11 First to 300 lbs.Karyn Marshall was the first woman to clean and jerk more than 300 pounds in 1984. She set the... 0
9.18.11 Competing at 72: Jacinto BonillaJacinto Bonilla was the oldest competitor at the 2011 CrossFit Games at age 72. Here, he talks... 0
9.17.11 The Tigress: Gabriele SchlichtAt her gym, CrossFit Hardcore, Gabriele Schlicht is called "The Tigress." Find out why as Schlicht... 0
9.16.11 The Comeback Champ: Sue HabbeSue Habbe earned a 1st place finish in the 45-49 age division of the Masters competition. Find out... 0
9.15.11 Behind the Scenes: Part 7In Part 7 of Sevan Matossian's Behind the Scenes, Day 3 brings the final events of the competition... 0
9.14.11 Garage Gym Champ: Gord MackinnonGord Mackinnon trains mostly out of his garage in Canada. He is also the 1st place finisher for the... 0
9.13.11 Steve's Club at the GamesSteve's Club had a team participate in the CrossFit Kids Exhibition where CrossFitting teens... 0