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2.21.11 The Open - Welcome to the New SiteThe new Open site has some cool new features like showing participants their up-to-date position in... 0
2.21.11 Greg Glassman on Universal ParticipationThe winners of the CrossFit Games will soon win a million dollars. With the rapid growth of the... 0
2.24.11 A Recap of the 2010 CrossFit GamesRevisit scenes from the 2010 CrossFit Games.  0
2.28.11 CrossFit Scottsdale Plans for the OpenThe owners of CrossFit Scottsdale detail their plans to host Open workouts. They are expecting 100-... 0
2.28.11 Matt and Cherie Chan Get Ready for the OpenIn addition to owning CrossFit Verve, Matt and Cherie Chan have years of experience in CrossFit... 0
2.28.11 Finding the FittestThe CrossFit Games are an opportunity for anyone in the world to demonstrate their fitness. Greg... 0
2.28.11 Greg Glassman's Goals for the OpenCrossFit Founder and CEO Greg Glassman has raised two goals for the CrossFit Games process. He... 0
2.28.11 CrossFit at the ArnoldCrossFit will be holding a special event at the Arnold Sports Festival from March 4th through... 0
2.28.11 Greg Glassman's Insights Into the OpenSome have questioned the change to an online competition format, but CrossFit Founder and CEO Greg... 0
2.28.11 Change“The goal of this thing is two-fold: it’s to maximize participation and to find the fittest man and... 0