The Teams of the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games

By CrossFit on 07.07.11

Team competition is completely different from the individual competition. A team must work together, communicate, and trust in each other for a successful outcome. These teams listed below earned their spot for a chance to win the Affiliate Cup competition. Athletes will travel to California from all over the world to compete at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games. Learn more about them here and pick your favorite to cheer for at the Home Depot Center.  


Cape CrossFit was the only team to compete in the Africa Regional. Based out of Capetown, South Africa, Cape CrossFit hosted this year’s Regional. After practicing the 250s workout, this team said the Regional performance was their best. Andrew Jones, who couldn’t do a pull up in January, flew threw the muscle ups in Team “Amanda” showing a particularly impressive performance on the last day of competition. 


The Asia Regional also only had one team competing – CrossFit Asia. But they still had to complete the workouts in order to earn that spot to the Games to represent the region. Despite the lack of competition, the team worked hard to prove themselves. On Workout 3, the deadlifts were unbroken and team members pushed through the pain to finish as much of Workout 4 as they possibly could. 


The team from Southern CrossFit in Willeton, Perth, Western Australia, will be attending the Games for the first time. They edged out the 4th place team by just two points to earn them a spot at the Games. 

Making its first appearance at the Games, CrossFit Gold Coast, took 2nd place at the Australian Regional. Located in Gold Coast, Queensland, the team maintained 2nd to 7th place finishes for the entire three-day competition. 

CrossFit Ignite Sydney received 1st place in the Australia Regional, just one point ahead of the 2nd place team. After a 34th place finish in the 2010 Games, this team dominated the team competition, placing in the top five for all six events. 

Canada East

Located in Burlington, Ontario, CrossFit Altitude will represent Canada East at the Games, coming in 2nd place at the Regional, being one of just two teams coming from the region. They stuck right with L’Usine CrossFit for the last two workouts, and even though they fell behind, they were far enough ahead to the Home Depot Center. 

After a comeback on Days 2 and 3 of the Canada East Regional, L’Usine CrossFit is going to the Games. Located in Montreal, Quebec, this team earned 1st place finishes in the last three events to place on the top of the Leaderboard. 

Canada West

After a 26th place finish at the 2010 Games, CrossFit Taranis got 1st place at the Canada West Regional by placing in the top three for all six events. By the last day, Taranis was so far ahead, it was clear no other team would catch them. They didn’t risk that lead by slacking though - they got 1st place on both Workouts 5 and 6 to finish the competition strong. 

Just seven points behind CrossFit Taranis, CrossFit Vancouver will be the second team to represent Canada West at the Home Depot Center. Team member, Dan Fontaine said the team had been working hard for the last year to make it to the Games. 

Central East

This year is CrossFit Murfreesboro’s inaugural showcasing of competition. Their team members were chosen in December 2010 after a competition at the Murfreesboro, Tenn., box. They finished 9th in the Open and moved up to 3rd place in the Central East region to earn a spot at the Games. 

Rogue Fitness, the Columbus, Ohio gym went up against they’re Michigan rivals and came in 2nd, just five points behind HyperFit USA. In Workout 4, Brandon Couden, Alex Whitsel, Heather Welsh, and Elyse Persico turned in the team’s best showing of the competition with a domination of pull ups and overhead squats.

With a record-breaking Team “Amanda” time, CrossFit Ann Arbor/HyperFit USA was 1st in the Central East Regional. Under the coaching of Doug Chapman, the team competed in the Regional with 2010 Games competitor, Julie Foucher. But they’ll have to do without her for the 2011 Games, as she was pre-qualified after placing 5th at the Games in 2010.


CrossFit BC Island earned a 3rd place spot in the Europe Regional, to make their owner and coach, Annie Thorisdottir, proud. While they earned three 1st place finishes, they got 16th place on the Thruster Ladder, moving them to the 3rd spot. 

A relatively new gym in Copenhagen, Denmark, CrossFit Butcher’s Garage will be going to the Games for the first time. They beat out CrossFit BC Island by just one point for the 2nd place spot. They are currently holding a fundraiser to allow all of their team members to fly to California to compete at the Home Depot Center. 

CrossFit Sport earned a spot to the Games after earning 1st or 2nd in every single event of the Europe Regional. And they were the only team that came close to finishing Team “Amanda” due to the downpour. Having a gymnast on the team didn’t hurt. She flew through the muscle up and snatched her bodyweight with perfect form to help them win the overall competition.

Latin America

CrossFit Cayman swept the Latin America Region by not only winning the team competition, but the men’s and women’s individual competition as well. Owners Tarasa and Matt Barnett spent days, night, and weekends preparing their team. With just eight points, they will be the lone team representing Latin America. 

Mid Atlantic

CrossFit Raleigh opened its doors in December 2010. Located in Raleigh, N.C., the team was aspiring for a spot at the Games. At the Mid Atlantic Regional, they edged out their competition by placing in the top five for three of the events.

The team members of CrossFit Reston, in Reston, Va., surprised themselves with a 2nd place finish at the Mid Atlantic Regional. Their diverse team is full of world-class athletes.

Under the coaching of Molly and Jerame Tuman, the R.A.W. Training team has been working for the past year to hone in on all aspects CrossFit. The team competed in the 2010 Games and placed 20th. At this year’s Mid Atlantic Regional, they finished in 1st. Out of Pennsylvania, their team consists of a former NFL player, U.S. National volleyball player, and a Tae Kwon Doe black belt.  

North Central

On their way out to the Team “Amanda” event, the members of CrossFit Springfield’s team raised their hands to pump up the crowd of the North Central Region. Loud cheers and screams followed. This was the motivation CrossFit Springfield needed to earn themselves a 3rd place finish and a chance to compete at the Games. 

CrossFit Omaha earned 2nd place in the 2010 Affiliate Cup. This year at the North Central Regional, the Nebraska gym received a 2nd place finish. They owned the last workout, finishing 1st in the region and maintaining consistency will take them back to the Home Depot Center. 

CrossFit Valley Park came out of the Open in 2nd place behind CrossFit Omaha, but ended up in 1st place right ahead of CrossFit Omaha at the end of the North Central Regional. 

North East

CrossFit Fenway flying under the radar until the thruster ladder when they got 2nd place, lifting 365 pounds. From that point on, this Boston team remained in the top six to take the 3rd place spot from a disappointed CrossFit Southie by just two points. 

Coming in 2nd place behind CrossFit New England was no easy feat. CrossFit Route 1 almost broke New England’s streak in Team “Amanda,” finishing a mere two seconds behind them. They finished four of the workouts in 2nd or 3rd place to send them to California for the Games. 

CrossFit New England was the only team, in a multi-team competition, that took all six workouts. In a surprise decision, Heather Bergeron, who was doing the Thruster ladder for the team, successfully lifted 150 pounds, but chose to not go any further, stating that their team had a plan and she stuck to it, knowing they had won that event. They continued to stick to that game plan and win every event at the North East Regional. 

Northern California

Diablo CrossFit fought for their 3rd place spot to the Games. They secured it by burning through the final chipper, finishing first in the Northern California Region. They attributed their success to the people on the sidelines, cheering and supporting them.

Rocklin CrossFit located in Rocklin, Calif., earned 2nd place in Northern California by their stability. They only ranged from 2nd to 6th for three days and six workouts. They came out of the Open in 1st place in the region and 5th worldwide. 

TJ’s Gym - CrossFit San Rafael dominated Workout 2 of the Northern California Regional when Danny Nichols lifted 325 pounds, more than any other team member or individual competitor. In the 2010 Games, TJ’s Gym finished in 33rd place. 

North West

CrossFit Fort Vancouver will be returning to the Games after winning the Affiliate Cup in 2010. The gym is located in Fort Vancouver, Wash., and will join the three qualifying teams to represent the North West Region.  

Jet City CrossFit, a Seattle-based gym, was led by the “teen sensation,” Kallista Pappas. They moved into the 3rd place spot after an impressive performance on Workout 4 and held onto it. Pappas is a two-time Games vet, first competing when she was just 14-years-old.

Central Oregon CrossFit dominated Day 3, determined to protect their 2nd place spot. They got 1st place in both Team “Amanda” and the final chipper, handily. Their steady pacing and short rest times kept them moving. 

Kirkland CrossFit’s consistency is what landed them in 1st place at the North West Regional. They remained in the top five for the first five events, and even with a 7th place finish on Event 6, they were far enough ahead to get the top spot. 

South Central

Representing northern Texas, CrossFit Dallas Central remained at the top of the Leaderboard throughout the South Central Regional. They claimed victories on Workouts 1 and 6 and 2nd place finishes on Workouts 4 and 5. They kept the gym’s motto in mind during the competition: “We are a team, we are a family, we are in this together. One team, one dream. CrossFit Dallas Central.”

CrossFit Waco held Bayou City CrossFit to a tight competition at the South Central Regional. One team member, Easton Evans, was a standout performer, putting up a 285-pound thruster on Workout 2 and stringing together his deadlifts on Workout 3 almost seamlessly. The team also showed an impressive performance with Team “Amanda” after struggling with the muscle ups and coming back with proficient snatches. 

Bayou City CrossFit was a clear winner during the South Central Regional. With Games veteran and gym owner, Vic Zachary on the team, they stayed consistent and were in the top three spots for five of the six events.

South East

Workout 5 took the team competition to the next level, when World Camp CrossFit took an early lead. While they were overtaken by CrossFit Atlanta, they still showed a performance worthy of a Games affiliate. With a 2nd place finish in the last workout, they pulled off a 3rd place finish.

CrossFit Vida Brickell was a steady force, taking the 2nd place spot without an individual event win. The Miami team ranged from 4th to 8th places on the six events. 

CrossFit Hardcore, located in Boca Raton, Fla., took 1st place at the South East Regional, as well as 1st place in the region for the Open. They are a well-balanced team with two Games athletes competing on the team. All six members of the team qualified for the Regional as individuals, but decided to put their skills together to compete at the Games. 

Southern California

At the end of Day 2 of the Southern California Regional, CrossFit Los Angeles was battling for the 3rd place spot with four other gyms in the region. On Day 3, Dogtown CrossFit gave them a good fight in Workout 6, but it wasn’t enough to edge them out of the Games qualifying spot. 

The Brick CrossFit affiliate team, located in Los Angeles, won’t have to travel far for the Games. They got 2nd place at the Southern California Regional. With the support of the “electric orange” crowd, they earned the fast deadlift/box jump and Team “Amanda” times in the region. 

After winning the participation challenge by having the most people sign up from their gym in the Open, CrossFit Invictus showed that’s not the only thing they can win. The Southern California team placed 5th in the 2010 Games. They took the top three spots in all the events for the Regional. 

South West

Even though Peter Egyed didn’t make it to the Games this year, his affiliate team, CrossFit Fury, did. He’ll serve as their coach from the sidelines, as the Goodyear, Ariz., team represents the South West region. They were in the top three on four of the workouts and in the top seven for the whole weekend. 

Ute CrossFit has been consistent since the beginning of the Open. Their team was 1st in the South West Region with seven individuals qualifying. Some chose individual and some chose team. Those who chose team represented Ute well and earned them a 2nd place finish and a spot to the Games. Mary Lampas, who got 30th in the 2010 Games, will be joining the team after having to bow out of the individual competition due to a wrist injury after the second day of the competition. 

Front Range CrossFit dominated the South West Regional. Donned in their blue FRCF T-shirts, the team earned four 1st place finishes at the Regional to end the weekend at the top of the podium.

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Posted at 7:19 AM PST on January 13, 2012
Rob C

Man you and my friend from World Camp Crossfit have really been making me want to try it out. I have been using a bowflex revolution that I bought not too long ago. But I want something more challenging.

Posted at 8:33 PM PDT on August 31, 2011
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Posted at 11:22 PM PDT on August 5, 2011

Watch out for CrossFit Taranis from Western Canada. They dominated our region and they can potentially add ( I think my standings are right) the 3rd place male, the 7th place male and a top 10 female to the squad that already was so hard to beat. We are hoping and expecting them to be competing for the top gym in the world come Sunday at the games. Good luck to all.

Posted at 9:34 PM PDT on July 7, 2011