Back for More: Andres Danelutto

By Thomas Patton on 01.25.12

“Nobody has anything won yet, you never know how the body will behave upon the unknown” are Andres Danelutto´s thoughts looking forward to the 2012 CrossFit Open and Latin America Regionals. After coming out of the Open ranked 4th and achieving a 3rd place finish at the 2011 Regionals, he says he feels more than ready to earn a ticket to compete at the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games.

Danelutto’s passion for exercise began with four years of roller hockey in his hometown in Argentina. Afterward, he became an avid gym-goer and practiced Krav Maga for a few years. In 2008, he came across HIIT videos on the Internet and learned the concepts of Tabata training. Soon after, he came upon CrossFit. He had become a personal trainer shortly before and started training his clients with the concepts of functional fitness and intensity. CrossFit slowly took over his training style and he soon realized he was good enough to begin competing.

He feels that the obstacle that kept him in 3rd place last year was anxiety. He was so ready and eager to prove himself and only slept two hours from Friday to Saturday. He says he, “feels I came in to the event in a state of overtraining, some adrenal fatigue, and muscular fatigue since a few weeks before, particularly on my shoulders.” 

He has been training an average of 10 times a week, concentrating more on met-cons, technique, and gymnastics in the months after the 2011 Latin America Regionals, and has been adding weight to his lifts ever since. He follows a relatively strict Paleo/Zone diet and feels his training preparation has made him ready for whatever the programmers throw at him this year.

Unfortunately, Danelutto suffered a minor traffic accident that hurt his training. Although his life was not endangered, he did have to tone down his training and avoid moves that included legs for a few weeks. However, he has not been put down because of this. He feels he is ready and is focused on coming in with a smart training regimen and a calmer demeanor. He has the talent, the strength, and the will. It is now up to the variables of competition to determine the outcome, but the fact remains that Danelutto is a serious threat.

Andres Danelutto’s Stats

Edad/Age: 31

Altura/Height: 5’8”

Peso/Weight: 174 lbs

Fran: 2:36

Isabel: 2:59

Grace: 3:21

Cindy: 25 rounds

Fight Gone Bad: 336

5K run: 22 min.

Filthy Fifty: 21:24

Bench: 275 lbs

Deadlift: 405 lbs

Squat: 365 lbs

Press: 175 lbs

Overhead Squat: 235 lbs

Clean: 245 lbs

Clean and Jerk: 235 lbs

Snatch: 185 lbs