Get the Games Widget

Bring the action of the games to your own web site or blog with the addition of the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games widget. From a snapshot of the latest scores and links to the latest features and videos, keep your visitors up-to-speed with all things CrossFit Games.

Implementing the Games Widget on Your Site


Just grab the code below, paste it into your site, set the region you'd like to keep track of, and you're streaming Games content in no time. You can even set the width of the widget and border color to match your site's layout and look. As we progress from the Regional competitions to The Games, your widget will automatically be upgraded to track the finals scores and will always be tracking the latest news and videos!

The Code

Selecting the Region for Your Widget to Track

In the URL portions of the code, you'll need to replace "YOUR-DESIRED-REGION" with the address of the region that you want to track:

The addresses per region are as follows:

  • Africa - regions/africa/widget
  • Asia - regions/asia/widget
  • Australia - regions/australia/widget
  • Canada East - regions/canada-east/widget
  • Canada West - regions/canada-west/widget
  • Central East - regions/central-east/widget
  • Europe - regions/europe/widget
  • Latin America - regions/latin-america/widget
  • Mid Atlantic - regions/mid-atlantic/widget
  • North Central - regions/north-central/widget
  • Northeast- regions/northeast/widget
  • Northern California - regions/northern-california/widget
  • Northwest - regions/northwest/widget
  • South Central - regions/south-central/widget
  • Southeast - regions/southeast/widget
  • Southern California - regions/southern-california/widget
  • Southwest - regions/southwest/widget

As an example, if you wanted to keep track of Canada East, the code would be as follows:

The above code would produce the following widget:

Options for Your Widget

You can change the width of the widget to fit a specific area on your site. You can also change the frame color of the widget to better match the look and feel of your site.

Changing Width:

Changing Frame Color:

For example, here is the code for a widget that will be tracking Australia, has a width of 550 pixels and has a black frame:

The code above would produce the following widget: