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Vic ZacharySouth Central
Houston,Texas United States
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5' 8"
178 lbs
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Thanks for everything Vic. You and CrossFit have changed my life. When I grow up I want to be just like you. Sam

ps. Can I still eat pizza?

Posted at 6:35 PM PDT on June 18, 2011

Best of luck Vic! See you soon bro!

Posted at 7:39 AM PDT on March 15, 2011

Favorite drink: A tall glass of that hot mess of a man Vic

Posted at 8:55 PM PDT on March 14, 2011

Miguel we can add it our selves.

Favorite Food: Chocolate Chip Cookie

Posted at 8:28 AM PDT on March 14, 2011

They should have a "favorite food" function on this you can tell the world about Cookies & Milk...for me if they had a favorite music..."Christmas"....

Posted at 7:37 AM PST on March 11, 2011