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Scott Jigsaw MarkAustralia
Helensvale, Australia
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188 cm
98 kg
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cross fit for just under 1 year competing as a male master 45-50, loving the challenge and experience. Feel like a teenager again.

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Respect-Jigsaw. You shouldn't have done this WOD injured, but in true Crossfit fashion, you sucked up the pain and knocked out the reps-Respect Brother! Great score everything considered. This is the kind of story that makes Crossfit something I want to be a part of! Take care of your body now and see you in Cali next year!

Posted at 4:03 PM PDT on April 30, 2011

Hey Scott , doing great mate,finish it off with a huge number.

Posted at 2:25 AM PDT on April 29, 2011

Dude, sorry to hear you're injured. You gotta listen to, and take care of your body, though. You are a great competitor and there are plenty of competitions in your future!

Posted at 1:20 PM PDT on April 21, 2011

Sorry guys, Jigsaw is injured and can no longer compete the last 2 rounds at the intensity required. I will be doing a round just to get a total. Need to look after the body, and fight back next year. Keep going strong.

Posted at 7:29 PM PDT on April 20, 2011

Nice work on 11.4 from you too Scott. Keep working hard

Posted at 9:31 PM PDT on April 14, 2011

Jigsaw-Did it this afternoon, and had plenty of time to do the OHS's but they took me down quick! I'm not sure I can do this one again. OHS is probably my weakest lift of all due to bad shoulders and knees. Too bad too, I really wanted a piece of a few of those muscle ups! Let me know if you give it another go. Good luck!

Posted at 1:54 PM PDT on April 14, 2011

thanks for the luck and advice Jigsaw! I did alot of stretching today and got the heart beating pretty good, gonna do the WOD tomorrow. You bring up some good points, I gotta keep moving, plus, I will need that extra time for the muscle ups!

Posted at 1:36 PM PDT on April 13, 2011

Way to knock it out early, Jigsaw! I'm not looking forward to this one, the burpees wear me down quick!

Posted at 4:56 AM PDT on April 13, 2011

Hey Larry, cheers, thought that was the case just was trying to be polite.
I see you are hunting me down now that we have had a strength wod.
I crashed on wod 2 with an injury, am trying to claw back.
stay strong,

Posted at 11:44 PM PDT on April 10, 2011

Hey Jigsaw- Click on Leaderboard - then Mens, and scroll down to Bostic's score and put your cursor over his score, it says 35 rds. It also shows 101st for the week 3 WOD. So his score got doubled somehow. The number one guy (Malz) in Master's 45-49 week 3 WOD who is showing 76 and only got 19 rds for 54th in Week 3 WOD

Posted at 8:27 PM PDT on April 10, 2011