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Pat SherwoodSouthwest
Colorado United States
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5' 8"
190 lbs
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I hate HSPU's.

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I had a dream last night that the 1st workout at the Games was called "Sherwood" in honor of you. Not kidding... 21,18, 15, 9, etc. of HSPU and Heavy Thrusters. Good stuff, right?

Posted at 9:04 AM PDT on April 20, 2011

What would be the best method to get calves like yours....seated calf raises or standing?

Posted at 6:49 PM PDT on April 17, 2011

Pat, the Italian Sugar Stallion.....

Posted at 10:44 AM PDT on March 30, 2011

Coach pat! I'm coming for ya

Posted at 1:23 AM PDT on March 15, 2011

I'll do your HSPU's if you run for me?!

Posted at 10:17 PM PDT on March 14, 2011

Where are you doing your WODs for this competition?

Posted at 12:56 PM PDT on March 14, 2011

Is that the limit of your overhead RoM in that picture???

Posted at 6:02 AM PDT on March 14, 2011

Is that your new tattoo in your profile pic?

Posted at 9:43 PM PST on March 11, 2011

With all the enthusiasm going down on this comment section...I feel like my job is done.

Posted at 9:26 PM PST on March 10, 2011

Stay down old dog...stay down.

Posted at 3:31 PM PST on March 10, 2011