Athlete Profile

Nathaniel SchraderMid Atlantic
Columbus, GA
Best Lifts
425 lbs
325 lbs
240 lbs
525 lbs
Best Times
6' 1"
205 lbs
Open Finish
Regionals Finish

About This Athlete

I played football, wrestled and ran track for a season in high school. Post high school I lifted a lot, the whole body part a day thing, and played sports and ran. I was in the army from 2005-2010 as a weapons sergeant and was introduced to crossfit from some guys in my company early 2009. I didn't start training for crossfit until I returned from a deployment and my wife told me I should sign up for the 2010 Carolina Sectionals. I placed 3rd there and it re-sparked a passion for competition and I have been on a mission to learn how to train for the best overall fitness and crossfit...

Open competition results

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