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Myles KerrNorthwest
Vancouver,Washington United States
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5' 10"
165 lbs
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I'm the kind of guy that walks in the middle of a 1 mile run because i hate long distance running. Im the kind of guy that takes a drink of water during a 3 min WOD because im thirsty... Who cares if i could have gone 4 secs faster.... In the end im here for Fun.... whats a Fran?

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Nice water bottle!

Posted at 11:16 PM PDT on April 8, 2011

Great job on the 2nd wod.

Posted at 9:39 PM PDT on March 31, 2011

Just saw your score. Nice job!

Posted at 7:54 PM PDT on March 20, 2011

haha i think 1 mile is a long run too

Posted at 10:13 AM PDT on March 19, 2011

haha i like that u think 1 mile run is long distance thats awesome

Posted at 9:47 PM PDT on March 17, 2011


Posted at 10:41 PM PST on March 12, 2011

Hey, you should write my Athlete autobiography for me. Im not good at typing and i know you are really good at typing so this should be easy for you. If what you write is sweet enough, ill post it. You can use words like, superman, batman, spiderman, power ranger, anything like that. I'm ready.

Posted at 3:11 PM PST on March 12, 2011

What does "3 min WOD" mean? I like water a lot too.

Posted at 3:03 PM PST on March 12, 2011

Love the description!

Posted at 2:09 PM PST on March 12, 2011