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Mary SwigerNorthern California
Makawao,Hawaii United States
CrossFit RFM
Best Lifts
150 lbs
110 lbs
65 lbs
215 lbs
Best Times
5' 3"
120 lbs
Open Finish

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I started CrossFitting about two years ago. It's the most fun I have ever had trying to stay fit. I'm stronger and more fit now than I ever was in my 20'a and 30's.

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Chandler F

Keep on kicking ass Mary!! You can do it!!!

Posted at 10:18 AM PDT on July 30, 2011

So proud of you Mary! Now that I've had a week to let this all sink in and to truly realize what you've accomplished. It is still amazing to me that I have only known you since January, and even more that you put your trust in me to be your coach! While we have now accomplished this great feat, the real work begins tomorrow... I am lucky to call myself your coach, and even more lucky to share this journey with you, I'm with you every step of the way Mary! Remember to not just focus on the games or the destination...the key is to both embrace and love this journey were about to embark on! You do that and you will win long before you step foot in the Home Depot Center!

We got this Mary!
Your friend & coach!

Posted at 7:07 PM PDT on May 6, 2011

Hi Mary, also looking forward to meeting you in LA, it's going to be a blast ! (Hopefully all of 5 of us hard core winter gals from Canada will be able survive the heat down there - not an issue for you, ha ha)

Posted at 2:59 PM PDT on May 4, 2011

Hey Mary-My wife Janelle and I met you in Maui in Feb at David Paul's. Way to go in the Open. We had a blast competing. Janelle almost made it. She finished 68th in our Region. I made it to Regionals finishing in 48th in the North Central Region. Just wanted to say good luck to you! We will be back to Maui next February. We will see you then! 3..2..1..Go!

Posted at 6:29 PM PDT on May 3, 2011

Way to go Mary!!!! We are so proud of you!

Posted at 11:59 AM PDT on May 2, 2011

Hey Mary,
Good to see you're competing in the open! Lacee and I miss sitting at the counter with the Kevin Bjork family in Maui and can't wait to dine again soon.
Meantime, have a great workout. Hi from Lacee, Callie, and the Bjorks. Go get 'em!
Matt Anderson (Go North Central Region!)

Posted at 8:39 PM PDT on April 29, 2011

I think you may be a bit premature there but I'm definitely trying. This last one killed me and I'm not looking forward to the never ending Fran next. You're doing great Ed.

Posted at 6:11 PM PDT on April 23, 2011 least someone from our family is going to be represented at the games:)

Posted at 4:32 PM PDT on April 23, 2011
Stu S

your a beast..... kid!!!!!!

Posted at 8:33 PM PDT on April 9, 2011

You da BOMB Mary!!!

Posted at 1:44 AM PDT on March 29, 2011