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Marcia WilsonSouthwest
Colorado Springs,Colorado United States
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132 lbs
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Just doing my best!

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Thanks for your support! Hope to see you at The Games this year!

Posted at 7:15 PM PDT on April 22, 2011

Hi Marcia! Thank you for your great company and encouragement when we stopped in last week. You and your husband are so much fun! Pikes Peak is an incredible place for sure - I look forward to visiting again next time we are in town! Keep in touch - you're amazing!

Posted at 8:06 AM PDT on April 22, 2011

Well done Marcia!

Posted at 6:11 PM PDT on April 1, 2011

Did I tell you how much you rocked today? You ROCKED! Very inspiring!

Posted at 5:40 PM PDT on April 1, 2011

You are totally awesome Marcia! Kick butt and take names :)

Posted at 4:04 PM PDT on March 28, 2011