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Lidia BeerMid Atlantic
Wallace, NC
Best Lifts
135 lbs
100 lbs
110 lbs
200 lbs
Best Times
5' 5"
145 lbs
Open Finish

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Employed by AT&T as Director, Project management. Have lived in NC for less than a year moving from northern VA. Completed 13 marathons and just recently Tough Mudder in Cedartown, GA! I had the privledge of doing Tough Mudder with a few members from Crossfit Coastal. I found it almost as hard as a completing a marathon but a challenge is a challenge so have registered to do complete another Tough Mudder in FL in December.

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Sue W

You go girl!! You are the best!! Best of Luck to you and I'm cheering and praying you on. Love you!!

Posted at 7:57 AM PDT on July 30, 2011
Kimberely E

Hi Lidia!!! your numbers look excellent!!! You are tearing up NC!!! Best of luck to you.

Big hugs and kisses!
Kim EIO Evans

Posted at 8:59 AM PDT on July 28, 2011

Hey Lida -just wanted to say great job your numbers are amazing look
forward to meeting you in Cali

Posted at 8:33 AM PDT on April 19, 2011

Hey Lidia- Your scores are amazing! I see on the new Beta-leaderboard that you are #1 for the 50-54 bracket. Is that your correct bracket?
One way or another, you will be in Cali this July! Good luck.

Posted at 3:42 AM PDT on April 18, 2011

Hi, just wanted to comment to say you are one *impressive* woman. I was getting worried when I didn't see you show up on the leaderboard for 11.4, but now there you are in your usual position on top :) Hope they do a profile of you soon!

Posted at 5:04 PM PDT on April 17, 2011

You are bionic! I have been watching your performance every week. Absolutely inspiring.

Posted at 12:56 PM PDT on April 12, 2011

Good luck Lidia!

Posted at 6:20 PM PDT on April 9, 2011

Hi Cheryl and Janice B. Thank you for the posts - I am enjoying the workouts but find they kick butt. Cheryl wish you were here to do this with me. I miss 5:45 AM with you cheering everyone on. Janice, I wish you success in the games. Thank you for your support. I need all I can get.

Posted at 4:01 PM PDT on April 3, 2011

Of course you are number one! Go Lidia GO!!!!!

Posted at 5:27 PM PDT on March 29, 2011

Great job! I love that there are more women my age that not only CF, but are brave enough to compete! Thanks for raising the bar and I look forward to cheering for you at the finals!

Posted at 4:42 AM PDT on March 28, 2011