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Kristina EscobarSouthwest
Colorado Springs,Colorado United States
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5' 7"
140 lbs
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Pikes Peak Crossfit Athlete

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Thanks for welcoming us at Pike's Peak last week, Kristina! You are so positive and sweet - I'm super excited about getting in a workout with you on my next trip to Colorado! And please visit if you are in the Northwest. See you soon!

Posted at 8:11 AM PDT on April 22, 2011

GO GIRL! GO GIRL! GO! GO! GO GIRL! YEAH YEAH! Kick some major butt in Colorado Kristina! Good luck!

Posted at 8:07 PM PDT on April 5, 2011

Hi Kristina! Love your pic! Miss you so much down here in Texas. Kick some major butt over there! Looking forward to following here. <3 Hope to see you soon.

Posted at 8:05 PM PDT on April 3, 2011

HEYO! I told you I'd reply! I'm procrastinating on the wod. How did you do?

Posted at 1:03 PM PDT on April 2, 2011

T-BIRD!! Excited to watch you compete! You might be able to out-lift me, but I can always out-run you...good luck!

Posted at 9:43 PM PDT on March 25, 2011

alright miss i fully expect to see you make it to regionals. don't worry because you don't have to compete against me so your good to go, haha

Posted at 12:44 PM PDT on March 16, 2011