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Ken CutrerSouth Central
Fort Worth, TX
Best Lifts
400 lbs
250 lbs
195 lbs
445 lbs
Best Times
6' 1"
185 lbs
Open Finish

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Practicing lawyer since 1994. Discovered crossfit in the summer of 2005. Got my level 1 certification and have been coaching crossfit since 2008. Opened CrossFit EST this year with partners Chris Lofland and Candice Ruiz. Competed in the 2008 games. Placed 12th in the 2009 south central regional, 14th in the 2010 OK/TX sectional, and 40th at the 2010 south central regional. Just too old to keep up with the young guys anymore. Glad HQ has pigeon holed an age catagory for me.

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Best fekkin' comment ever re: "uniforms"! I really look forward to meeting you now.

Posted at 7:29 AM PDT on June 23, 2011

Wow they let old farts like you do this stuff?

Posted at 5:21 PM PDT on May 4, 2011

Awesome job Ken! Look forward to meeting you in California!

Posted at 7:07 PM PDT on May 1, 2011

Great job Kenny C!

Posted at 6:11 PM PDT on May 1, 2011

Nice Job Ken! Dying to meet you since I saw you on Logs it All. Congrats on the Box adn see you in CA

Posted at 10:44 AM PDT on May 1, 2011

Thanks Ken. Happy it's over.
Yeah, the more running the better.
I've got some work to do on my c2b and most the heavy shit, lol.
Great work, see you at the Games.

Posted at 7:59 AM PDT on May 1, 2011

Great way to stay in the game! Congrats!

Posted at 2:34 AM PDT on May 1, 2011

Way to close. You are Cali bound!

Posted at 10:30 AM PDT on April 28, 2011

Ken - Congrats on the new box! Will see if I can make it by this weekend. Great job on the Open Wods especially the last 4. Number 5 was my demise I ripped 8 callouses open in that workout alone. Good luck in CA if I don't see you. - Mike

Posted at 7:55 AM PDT on April 28, 2011

Nice way to finish. Congrats on your performance.

Posted at 5:39 PM PDT on April 27, 2011