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jennifer willsNorthwest
Longview,Washington United States
Best Lifts
245 lbs
165 lbs
125 lbs
265 lbs
Best Times
4' 11"
120 lbs
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GO TEAM GREEN!!!! After tearing my ACL and MCL playing ultimate frisbee in the summer of 2009 and the six months it took to rehab it, I was looking for something to strengthen myself back to top form. My friend Gunnar had been doing Crossfit for about a year a half and he had been trying to get me to do it prior to me hurting myself. I started back at the local gym doing "curls" and pull ups and watching Gunnar running around doing all sorts of crazy things and he kept trying to convince me to try it~ I just thought he was crazy. February 2, 2010 my husband and I decided to try...

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Way to BRING IT today!

Posted at 1:00 PM PDT on April 16, 2011
Valerie G

Big improvement! You are looking sooo good!

Posted at 2:02 AM PDT on March 24, 2011
Valerie G

You go Girl!!

Posted at 6:42 AM PDT on March 19, 2011

Oh boy, look out world here she comes! Go get 'em Shorty. I'm going to be bringing it as hard as I can. Gotta love some friendly competition. I'll be checking back often. Crush it, no matter what they throw at us. TOM

Posted at 12:19 PM PDT on March 14, 2011

O hai Jen

Posted at 9:33 PM PST on March 12, 2011