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Jennifer MorrisCanada East
Burlington,Ontario Canada
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5' 6"
140 lbs
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CrossFit Games 2011 CrossFit Altitude team competitor- 2nd in Canada East Regionals as a team and 33 rd in the world at the Games. Canada East 3rd Place in the Open competition. CrossFitter since July 2008. Canadian Regionals 2009 5th place. Ontario CorssFit Challenge 2009- 5th place. Ontario Sectionals 2010 5th place. Candian Regionals 2010- 32nd place. Element CrossFit Team Challenge 2010 2nd place. Element CrossFit Overdose challenge 5th place. Indestri CrossFit Winterfest Team Challenge- 1st place. Co-owner and head trainer at Burlington, Ontario's CrossFit Altitude.

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nicely done!!!

Posted at 11:16 AM PDT on May 3, 2011

Now I just need to get there!!! :)

Posted at 2:48 PM PDT on April 30, 2011

Hi Jennifer! I just noticed your nice note on my profile today! Thank you! You have been doing awesome as well! Very solid performances week in and week out...way to go! I am competing as an individual again this year....maybe in the next couple years I would like to try the affiliate team! Good luck in your training! Selfishly for me it would be awesome to have another 40 year old out there competing in the Open Age group! Whichever you decide....good luck!

Posted at 2:45 PM PDT on April 30, 2011

Jen, I am so proud of you!! You are rocking it......worldwide!!!! Seriously, you are the athlete I am could totally do this girl!!!!

Posted at 11:42 AM PDT on April 24, 2011
Bridget O

you rock girl! Keep it going!

Posted at 7:52 PM PDT on April 15, 2011

you're a machine!!
Nicely done so far after 2 rounds!!

Posted at 7:46 AM PDT on April 4, 2011

Hey Jen!!!
Good luck! Hope you make it through these rounds!

Posted at 8:57 AM PDT on April 1, 2011

3 out of 5 top girls are Altitude.. Solid work

Posted at 1:34 PM PDT on March 20, 2011

vic you are one strange dude

Posted at 8:25 AM PDT on March 18, 2011

The first WOD is '3 rounds of purse curl, 30ml coconut oil shots, and shit your pants deadlift'. You will do well...hahaha.

Posted at 11:41 AM PDT on March 13, 2011