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Jarett "Ninja" PerelmutterSouthern California
Los Angeles,Florida United States
Brick CrossFit
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5' 6"
150 lbs
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Highly skilled Ninja Warrior 3rd 2010 So Cal Sectionals 16th South West Regionals

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Brandon A

the mighty leprechaun

Posted at 11:20 PM PDT on May 2, 2011

You are amazing to watch everyday coach and such an inspiration! keep up the great work! Everyone at Brick is so proud!!

Posted at 8:35 AM PDT on April 19, 2011

JP you are smashing the Open!! It is killing me!! Volleyball boys start their season in Brazil today. Rich

Posted at 12:39 PM PDT on April 18, 2011

Fucking A!

Posted at 6:44 PM PDT on April 5, 2011

You're the bomb!

Posted at 9:30 PM PDT on April 4, 2011

DAMN!!! NICE WORK! I'm gonna come see you one of these days.

Posted at 12:28 PM PDT on March 27, 2011
sholeh m

Nicely done, coach!!! Proud to be a student of yours!!!

Posted at 12:19 PM PDT on March 26, 2011

Good Work coach!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

Posted at 4:48 PM PDT on March 22, 2011

Go JP!!!

Posted at 11:26 PM PDT on March 14, 2011