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Jared DavisSoutheast
Palatka, FL
Best Lifts
325 lbs
265 lbs
185 lbs
460 lbs
Best Times
5' 11"
185 lbs
Open Finish
Regionals Finish

About This Athlete

I live to have fun! Most people call me Deuce or JD. I am very active and grew up outside with all sports, camping, fishing, hiking, surfing, you name it! Found Crossfit in 09' and haven't looked back. I really like meeting new people and sharing new experiences. Looking forward to meeting everyone in Cali and all that comes with it! My chips are on the table and I'm pushing all in! Let's have some fun!

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I'm convinced the harder I party the better I WOD. Bionic and I killing it down here. You gotta come by.

Posted at 7:59 PM PDT on March 21, 2011

Great Job man, Heard you killed it at CFJAX..Awesome man.

Posted at 3:18 PM PDT on March 21, 2011

P.S. Love the Auto Biography :) I came, I saw, I partied!!

Posted at 12:23 PM PDT on March 15, 2011