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Grant DUNSTANAustralia
Chittering, Australia
Best Lifts
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178 cm
86 kg
Open Finish

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I have been doing this for about 18months, Hate ever minute of it but keep coming back. Am i mad???

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was 3rd at one stage now 15th

Posted at 4:47 AM PDT on April 12, 2011
susan p

I am so proud of you fellas!!!

Posted at 11:27 PM PDT on April 10, 2011

He is just jealous that us old boys are getting the job done.....

Posted at 12:56 AM PDT on April 10, 2011

45 to 49

Posted at 12:19 AM PDT on April 7, 2011

dunny as a I read this you are in tenth place ??. What age bracket did you put yourself in ?.

Posted at 5:20 AM PDT on April 2, 2011

come on Robbo get into it and better this.

Thanks sue

Posted at 7:08 AM PDT on March 24, 2011
susan p

Good Job Dunny, you are my hero!!

Posted at 9:35 PM PDT on March 21, 2011

Great to get on the board, now some of the other RAWEDGE crew have a score to beat

Posted at 5:38 AM PDT on March 18, 2011