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Eleni FredianiNorthern California
Martinez,California United States
Diablo CrossFit
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5' 3"
125 lbs
Open Finish

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My Sunshine !! Nice work Len*

Posted at 8:28 PM PDT on April 22, 2011

you got me by one mu, girl. nice one!

Posted at 10:37 PM PDT on April 15, 2011

Thanks Eleni! It's definitely sad to not be able to clean considering it's my all-time favorite movement, but I'm really grateful that there's hope for a full recovery someday. In the meantime just trying to stay in the game in case they call 1RM backsquat... haha. Glad to see you tearing it up! Looking forward to the next DCF event :)

Posted at 3:33 PM PDT on April 13, 2011

way to go len! you're freakin awesome

Posted at 11:36 PM PDT on April 9, 2011

thanks girl for your encouragement. powerful women unite!

Posted at 5:30 PM PDT on April 9, 2011

Thanks for the words of encouragement. It is an honor to be a DCF with you and all these rock stars!

Posted at 9:26 AM PDT on April 3, 2011

thanks, Eleni!!! I'm trying to make a come back. Wod #1 was not so hot for me :)

Posted at 2:11 PM PDT on April 2, 2011

Seriously killed it Len! Sorry for the late comment. Looking forward to seeing you rock the next one :)

Posted at 11:08 AM PDT on March 29, 2011

You are so there! Love it! Way to represent!

Posted at 9:51 AM PDT on March 29, 2011

Great job Leni!

Posted at 9:04 PM PDT on March 27, 2011