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Elaine PolitoNortheast
Easton, Massachusetts
Best Lifts
240 lbs
157 lbs
290 lbs
Best Times
5' 6"
158 lbs
Open Finish

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Construction Worker

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Elaine, I am Lidia Beer and I introduced myself to you this past weekend. My maiden name is Polito and we did not get a chance to connect. Congratulations on your finish. I know the feeling and the sense of accomplishment. This was my first event and I plan to be back next year.

Posted at 12:51 PM PDT on August 1, 2011
Tom M

Your in CALI Elaine competing in the CF World Games, WOO HOO, Now go kick some A$$ girl!

Posted at 4:53 PM PDT on July 27, 2011

Impressive stats : strong lifts + more pull-ups than I can do in a day ... ! looking forward to seeing you in action in LA.

Posted at 8:46 AM PDT on July 19, 2011

Yeah, Elaine! You killed Open 11.3. So cool to watch you go after it yesterday. Nice J.O.B. (Lisa-8)

Posted at 4:02 PM PDT on April 10, 2011
Tom M

Good luck in the CF "Opens". Your WOD 1 is good as it stands - but depending on how you feel give it another shot - why not I think 5 is def doable. Also as 8 stated - "this WOD is not your wheel house", 5 more coming that you are going to crush!

Posted at 6:16 PM PDT on March 23, 2011