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Ashley BuckAustralia
GCMC, Australia
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183 cm
110 kg
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I am a Boxing/Strength & Conditioning coach who has been doing crossfit for nearly a year and loving it. Finally getting my ass kicked rather than doing the kicking

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Thanks mate looks tuff allright. I will be in Sydney in october for school reunion so will get down to Brookvale box and have a workout

Posted at 9:44 PM PDT on April 23, 2011

Didn't do it again, still to sore from Thurs night so did the daily WOD. I was a judge for the games wod afterwards and was glad I didn't do it again! What about the next one??? Doing it 2x? I'm thinking only once...looks like 7 minutes of Fran to me. Good luck man!

Posted at 5:43 AM PDT on April 23, 2011

How bad was WOD 5? Tore my hands a bit but am giving it another shot on Saturday, if I can hold the bar on TTB's. For me the cleans are toughest with this one.

Posted at 2:43 AM PDT on April 22, 2011

Good work on the OHS!!

Posted at 4:31 AM PDT on April 18, 2011

Good job cousin keep up the good work.

Posted at 12:29 PM PDT on April 4, 2011