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Anne Marie BlincoCanada East
Burlington Ontario Canada
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5' 6"
128 lbs
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I knew crossfit was my lifelong passion before I steped foot into a crossfit box! When crossfit was explained to a firefighter, who said she could not finish her first intro class, I immediately called the crossfit box. I have never looked back, however, I have looked into the puke bucket many times. I will continue my love hate, and love it! I am a paramedic partime, and train at crossfit altitude. I have a family of 4 boys and a daughter in law, 3 of my children plus friends are here to support me...go to the beach, and see disneyland.

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Nice meeting you at the UFC Fan Expo. Great Job making it to the games. GOOD LUCK.

Posted at 7:35 AM PDT on May 3, 2011

Ha ha, Anne Marie & Connie, saw you guys comments on rowing ... unfortunately, I think the rowing gods will answer Anne Marie's prayers for the very reason Connie mentionned ! As long as the running gods do the same for mine ...

Posted at 7:42 AM PDT on April 19, 2011

pull-ups have to come in sooner or later. and when they do..i'm gonna do a little happy dance. i'm sick of going overhead. thrusters would so suck about now.
i'm pretty sure no rowing or ghd work will show since it is supposed to be something everyone around the world. can have access to.

Posted at 12:10 PM PDT on April 16, 2011

yay you!

Posted at 5:07 AM PDT on April 16, 2011

Ha ha, here is my prediction on my score: 90 reps if all goes well, as I have absolutely zero mu ... what about you ? Cheers !!!

Posted at 5:23 PM PDT on April 12, 2011

Hi Anne Marie, we should make bets on upcoming wods ... good news I guess is that this sort of wait is only for 8 more days total, as they are supposed to announce both wod 5 and 6 next week. So for the next 3 wods, a bunch of things I have not particular talent still to show up ... anything gymnastic for instance ... oh well, I just have to remind myself not to take all this too seriously ... and yes, us Canadians rule !

Posted at 3:57 PM PDT on April 12, 2011

Good job on wod3 for someone with your bodyweight ! I totally gamed mine, 55 reps, maybe could have gone faster, paced it smooth and steady based on my Grace time from last fall, but have gotten much stronger since with all my rowing trainnig and switch to paleo diet ... now, it's going to be pay back time for me as sooner or later, there will be one or more wods with my dreaded pull-ups !!! Cheers

Posted at 9:34 AM PDT on April 9, 2011

Wow, I find 110 quite heavy despite my body weight of 175, so for all you light and fast types that must be even more of a challenge ... I am sending your way all my positive levitating good vibes to help lift that damned barbell up high ... best luck to you whenever you will attempt this (saturday for me).

Posted at 11:37 AM PDT on April 8, 2011

Well done on wod2, you are still safely ranked easily in the top 20 ... check here :
(does not give the overall ranking yet though, they have not fixed that bug).

Posted at 7:29 PM PDT on April 3, 2011

This website is driving me nuts, not showing the scores at all ! In any case, my wod2 score is what it is (343) but still better than I expected ... operation save my knees on this one, so step-downs instead of jumping down on the box-jumps, however I did sacrifice my boobs to the cause, as I found a way to come down on the push-ups as a perfect plank with my chest as a bumper at the bottom lol, at least some minor advantage of being neither petite nor flat-chested. Probably could have done better with another run at it, but no such opportunity at my box and frankly not so sure I would want to do it again ! I expect yours went awesome, good luck this coming week !

Posted at 3:02 PM PDT on April 3, 2011