Standards of Movement

Pay careful attention to each workout's movement standards.

The 2011 CrossFit Games Open workouts have very specific standards that must be met in order for your result to be considered valid. These standards are fully explained for each workout of the week on the Games website. We have text, photos, and video explaining all the key points. Be sure you understand these points fully before attempting the workout.

There are certain key points to each movement. For example, in a thruster, the weight of the barbell is defined. The depth of the squat portion and the positioning of the barbell, arms, hips and knees at the top are also clearly defined.

Every rep counted in the workout must meet the established movement standard. If a given rep doesn't meet the standard, you must perform an additional rep to standard. There is no penalty for completing additional reps. Workouts submitted that don't have all the required reps performed to standard are not valid.

The movement standards for each workout in the Open are specific to that particular workout only. They are not necessarily the same movement standards used in other CrossFit Games competitions or CrossFit community events. Pay close attention to the specific instructions that are given because it is your responsibility to make sure your performance meets all the movement standards.