CrossFit Games Open Competition Rules

General Format

The CrossFit Games Open Qualifiers is a 6 week, worldwide competition in the sport of fitness. It is the first step in the CrossFit Games season and takes place from March 15 until April 24. There is 1 workout per week, and athletes compete to outperform each other. The workouts are varied, and no one knows what they will be from week to week.

Everyone gets a weekly score based on their ranking for that workout (low score is better). Weekly scores are added together to get the overall score. At the end of the 6 weeks, athletes with the lowest scores are the winners.

There are 4 categories of competition happening simultaneously: Men, Women, Teams, and Masters. The team competition is not separate. All the members of the teams are already competing as individuals. Team scores are the sums of their best athletes' scores. There are Official Teams that meet the requirements for qualification for Regionals, and Other Teams (who do not qualify) that can be made up of any combination of athletes. The Masters category is 8 separate competitions (4 age groups each for men and women).

The top 60 men and top 60 women from each of the 17 regions around the world are qualified to compete at their respective Regional, which is the semi-final round for the CrossFit Games. The Regionals are live, 3-day, head-to-head competitions that will take place on 4 weekends from May 27 through June 19. From the Regionals, no more than 3 men and 3 women from each region will qualify to compete in the Games, which take place at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA from July 29-31. At the Games, the overall winning man and woman are declared Fittest on Earth.

The top 30 teams from each region are invited to compete at their respective Regional. Entire teams qualify, but not necessarily the athletes who competed for the teams. This means that the roster of athletes who compete at Regionals can be different from the athletes who competed for the team during the Open Qualifiers. At the Regionals, no more than 3 teams from each region will qualify to compete in the Games. At the Games, the overall winning team is awarded the Affiliate Cup Trophy.

The top 20 masters from all over the world in each of the 8 Masters competitions will qualify directly to compete in the Games. At the Games, there will be an overall winner declared in each of the 8 Masters competitions.

Weekly Format

There are 6 workouts in the Open Qualifiers, 1 workout per week for 6 weeks. The workout for the week is announced each Tuesday at 17:00 PDT (Pacific Daylight Time), starting on March 15. All participants have until the following Sunday at 17:00 PDT to perform the workout and enter their results online.

Each workout is explained thoroughly. There are specific variations for Men, Women, and the 2 oldest Masters divisions. There are video, text, and photos describing the structure of the workout along with the movement standards for each exercise within the workout. There is even a printable PDF that you can take to the gym.

The workouts can be performed anywhere. If they are performed at a registered affiliate, that affiliate will provide judging and validation of the results. If they are performed anywhere else, the workout needs to be on a video where the movements can be clearly seen (explicit instructions for this will be included with each workout). The video must be uploaded to a public website, and the URL for the video must be included with the results submission.

This entire process must be completed by each Sunday at 17:00 PDT. Late submissions will not be accepted, so please be sure to allow yourself plenty of time.

All Competitors

All athletes 18 years or older who wish to participate in the Open Qualifiers must register online and pay a one-time fee ($10 in the US and Canada, $5 elsewhere). This allows athletes to participate in any or all of the remaining workouts. Minors under the age of 18 must click here for more instructions.

Those registered athletes who aspire to compete in the 2011 CrossFit Games must:

  • Register as an athlete and submit their first performance prior to Sunday, March 20, at 17:00 PDT, which is the end of the first week.
  • Complete all 6 Open workouts as prescribed and submit the results for all 6 workouts on time each week.
  • Assert that they do not use performance-enhancing drugs and must comply with screening at any point in the season. See the full drug policy here.

All athletes are required to submit a video of each workout unless they have their performance validated at a registered affiliate.

The movement standards for each workout will be clearly defined and articulated. Every athlete must meet these standards. Missed reps or incomplete range of motion will invalidate the performance. Unless another validated workout is submitted before the closing time for that workout, the athlete will no longer be eligible to qualify for Regionals. They may continue to participate in the Open for the remaining workouts.

Athletes may submit multiple efforts of a workout. Their best valid performance will count for scoring for that week. However, once the deadline is passed, there will be no opportunity to resubmit a workout performance.

CrossFit HQ reserves the right to disqualify a performance, assess time penalties and/or otherwise adjust the score in order to fairly rank a given performance.

It is the athlete’s responsibility to complete and submit their results for the week’s workout, whether at an affiliate or via video submission.

For those athletes wishing to perform the workout at a registered affiliate, any scheduling, fees, and other requirements are at the discretion of the affiliate owner. Open competitors must comply with the schedule and format (including fees) that the affiliate chooses, or compete elsewhere. If for any reason an experience at a registered affiliate is unproductive, it is the responsibility of the athlete to either submit a video or arrange for another validated performance at a different registered affiliate.

Any competitor caught deliberately cheating will be banned from all future CrossFit Games competitions. If an affiliate owner is caught deliberately cheating, their gym will be de-affiliated.

Registration Costs

The one-time cost for registering as an athlete is $10 if you live in the US or Canada, and $5 if you live elsewhere. This allows you to participate in all (remaining) workouts.

The one-time cost for establishing a team is $20. There is no charge to add athletes to your team, and no limit on how many athletes you can add. Please note that adding team members who don't meet the rules for Official Teams will convert your team to an Other Team (which is not eligible to qualify for Regionals).

There is no cost to register as a fan.

There is no cost to register as an affiliate or to opt in to host workouts at your gym.

Video Submissions

Videos must be filmed in accordance with the specific instructions for each week’s workout. They must be uncut from the beginning to the end of the workout. Any evidence of manipulation will result in disqualification for the entire CrossFit Games season.

There must be another person in the frame during the entire workout. It is strongly recommended that this person act as an unofficial judge, counting reps and enforcing complete range of motion and proper movement standards.

There may be only 1 competitor performing the workout per video.

Competitors who have chosen to Compete Anywhere must upload their video to a public video sharing site, such as Vimeo or YouTube. This site will provide a URL for the video. This URL must be included in the result submission before the closing time of the workout (Sundays at 17:00 PDT).

Videos may be compressed before they are uploaded to Vimeo, YouTube, or another video sharing site. However, the competitor is responsible for the clarity of the video. If they compress the video to the point that movement standards cannot be adequately determined, the result will be invalidated.

It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that the video is uploaded successfully before Sunday at 17:00 PDT each week.

Validation by Affiliates

A CrossFit affiliate in good standing may opt in to validate athletes’ workouts. This is done on a weekly basis. Once the workout is published each Tuesday at 17:00 PDT, the affiliate determines if they have the equipment, space, and judging capability to validate that week's workout. They may opt in any time before Sunday at 17:00 PDT. Obviously, the earlier in the week they opt in, the easier it will be for athletes to perform workouts at their gym.

An affiliate may opt in for as many weeks as they choose, provided they meet the requirements. There is no obligation to opt in for any of the weeks.

Registered affiliates must provide the space, equipment, judging, and time to the athletes who meet their requirements (scheduling, format, fees, or other) to perform Open workouts at their gym. Registered affiliates also must uphold the standards and ethics of the CrossFit Games.

By opting in, an affiliate also agrees to accurately validate the performances that occur at their gym as quickly as possible.

Scheduling, fees, and other requirements for Open competitors are at the discretion of the affiliate owner. Additionally, registered affiliates can make their Open events available or unavailable to anyone as they see fit. Open competitors must comply with the affiliate’s schedule and format (including fees), or they may choose to compete elsewhere.

There is no limit on how many affiliates can opt in on a given week, so long as they commit to meeting the standards presented.

Participating affiliates must adequately track the times/scores of the athletes who compete in their gym so that they may verify the accuracy of the time/score submitted by the athlete on the Games site.

Each athlete is required to submit their own result on the Games site. In that process, they will indicate that they performed the workout at that registered affiliate. This will trigger an automatic notification to the affiliate to validate or reject the submitted result.

There must be one judge per competitor for a valid performance. The judges must be able to determine the proper range of motion and hold the athlete to those standards. The legitimacy of the judging is the responsibility of the registered affiliate. If the affiliate determines that someone can uphold the standards of judging for a given workout, they are standing behind that decision and will be held accountable for it.

An affiliate found deliberately cheating or manipulating the system will be de-affiliated.

Masters Competitors

The birthday cut-offs for the Masters divisions are as follows:

45-49:   Born on or between 7/15/61 and 7/14/66
50-54:   Born on or between 7/15/56 and 7/14/61
55-59:   Born on or between 7/15/51 and 7/14/56
60+:      Born on or before 7/14/51

The 2 younger categories of Masters will compete in the same workouts as the individual men and women. The 2 older categories of Masters will be given modified workouts to perform.

For each age bracket of the Masters competitions, the top 20 men and top 20 women worldwide will qualify for the Games, with no Regional competition.


All members of the team must first register as individual athletes on the Games site.

There is no limit to the number of athletes on a team, but each athlete can be on no more than 1 team.

An athlete may compete in the Open Qualifiers as an individual AND as part of a team. Their scores will count for both.

Official Teams must include at least 3 men and 3 women. All of the athletes on a team must train at the same gym. All team members must register and submit their first result by Sunday, March 20, at 17:00 PDT, the closing date for submissions of the first Open workout.

Other Teams can register at any point and can be any collection of athletes. However, Other Teams cannot qualify for Regionals or the Games.

A single affiliate can produce only one Official Team eligible for Regional competition. However, there is no limit to the number of Other Teams that may compete in the Open Qualifiers.

There will be a one-time $20 fee to set up a team. The fee will be the same regardless of the number of athletes on the team or whether the team is Official or Other. There is no fee to add registered athletes to a team once the team is created.

To be eligible for Regionals, the team must be an Official Team.

For an athlete’s scores to count toward their team’s qualification efforts in any given week, they must still be “in the running” as an individual. This means that they cannot scale, DNF (Did Not Finish), or be disqualified for missing the proper range of motion on the current or any prior week’s workout.

Minors Under 18

This is not a kid's competition, and will not be scaled to fit the needs of children. Nonetheless, there are athletes under 18 years who have been training for the Games and are ready for CrossFit competition.

Since the Open Qualifiers is a virtual competition, there are some legal stipulations required to include minors. Minors are not allowed to enter into a contract without parental consent, and the privacy of minors is a sensitive issue on the internet.

The process for minors participating in the Open is this:  If you are under 18 years of age and would like to compete in the Open Qualifiers, you must submit an email to with MINOR in the subject line of the email, followed by your name. In the body of the email, you must provide the following:

Your Name
Your Home Address
Your Date of Birth
Your Parent or Legal Guardian's Name
Your Parent or Legal Guardian's Email address where they may be contacted
Your Parent or Legal Guardian's Home Address
Your Parent or Legal guardian's best contact phone number
When we receive this email, we will send instructions for participating in the Open Qualifiers as a minor, as well as a PDF that the legal guardian must sign and notarize, giving proper consent for your participation in the CrossFit Games Open. You will need to fax or scan and email this notarized document back to us. Once we receive the document, we will send the legal guardian instructions on how to register the minor on the Games Open website. We strongly encourage you to do this as early as possible so that you can get the registration process under way.



For Individual Men and Women, each week’s result will be ranked in 2 ways. The first is against every other man or woman in your region. The second is against every other man or woman in the competition. The ranking is updated in real time throughout the week. Once the week officially ends each Sunday at 17:00 PDT, the final ranking for that week becomes your score for that week (1 point for first, 2 points for second, etc). Lower scores are better.

The same process happens each week. Your overall score is the sum of your weekly scores. Your worldwide and regional scores are accumulated independently. At the end of the 6 weeks, those athletes with the lowest overall scores are the winners. The top 60 men and the top 60 women from each region (based on regional ranking) will be invited to compete at Regionals.

For Masters Competitors, the scores are calculated in the same way as Individuals, with 2 differences. The first difference is that these athletes are only compared to athletes within their age bracket. Each age bracket is its own separate competition. The second difference is that only the worldwide ranking counts. The top 20 men and top 20 women in the world from each age bracket will be invited to compete in the Games, with no Regional competition.

For Official Teams, the weekly result will be calculated by the combined effort of its top 3 men and top 3 women. This combined result will be ranked with every other Official Team’s combined result. The final ranking for the week will be the team’s score for that week. The overall score is the sum of each week’s score. There is no requirement that the same athletes be the ones scored each week. For an athlete’s scores to count toward their team’s qualification efforts in any given week, they must still be “in the running” as an individual. This means that they cannot scale, DNF (Did Not Finish), or be disqualified for missing the proper range of motion on the current or any prior week’s workout.

Voting, Judging, and Validating

All results submitted as part of the Open Qualifiers must be validated to count toward prizes or qualifying for Regionals. Validation happens one of two ways:

  1. If you perform your workout at a registered affiliate, they will provide a judge to ensure your performance meets the specific movement standards set for that workout. Then, you will submit your result to the Games site, and a notification is sent to that affiliate to validate your performance result. A result is unofficial until that validation. Unofficial results are kept in the running until established otherwise.
  2. If you perform the workout anywhere else, you must upload a video of your performance that meets all the requirements for video submissions. CrossFit HQ judges will review that performance. A video submission may be reviewed at any time throughout the competition. Additional attention will be given to those performances by athletes who qualify for Regionals.

All registered athletes, affiliates, and fans can vote on the legitimacy of a video submission. This voting is for information purposes only. CrossFit HQ and their agents are the final arbiters of the CrossFit Games Open Qualifiers, and their decisions are final.

At the conclusion of the sixth and final week of the Open, the results are considered unofficial until declared official by CrossFit HQ. Qualifying athletes will be notified directly of their invitation to Regionals.